A Dream

The Need or Opportunity

When I first published Best Tent Camping Michigan, quite a few single mothers came up to me at various events to ask me how to take their kids camping. Their parents had never taken them when they were young, but they wanted their children to have that experience.

If you’ve never been camping with a parent or grandparent or scout pack, where do you begin? Even experienced campers been overwhelmed by the options (and cost!) of camping gear, and you have to be experienced to know what you really need and what you can get by with and what you can skip. So that’s the first one.

Number 1:
There are people who want to experience nature through camping but don’t have the knowledge or resources to get started.

There is a real issue with people not having experiences in nature as children. Spending time outside building forts, riding bikes, climbing trees, and camping create a life-long appreciation for nature. Kids that have good experiences outside grow up to be adults who appreciate nature and support the preservation of natural spaces.

Number 2:
We can increase awareness of and support for environmental issues by creating opportunities for kids to have positive experiences in nature

So, first step in my dream to raise environmental awareness and support families who want to experience more of nature is a program (or programs) that teaches parents how to camp the way we all learn to camp: by going camping with people who know what they’re doing!