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For awhile I was making a lot of fliers for the Genesys Athletic Club. This is before I first starting messing around with programs like Illustrator. I did these mostly in Word and saved as a PDF. This first flier was put together for a baseball camp. I was trying to make it look like a baseball card. I consider all of these sort of as practice for projects I would have to work on later.

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Olive Juice

I came up with this when I was thinking of t-shirt ideas for my anniversary. I never did follow through with the idea, but I like the graphic. Simple and less amateurish than most of my stuff.

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My wife tells me that I am a bit of a perfectionist, and perhaps a little obsessive, but I really love working on this stuff. Usually about a month after I set up a website, I will go back and wish I had gone a completely different direction. At the time, however, I work myself silly over the little details. Here are a couple sites I’ve set up. Still working on adding content, etc., but it will give you an idea.    

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