4/12/16 — I always have more ideas than projects, and there are always more projects “in the works” than will ever get finished. But I can share a little now of what will see the light of day next year. In the spring you can expect to see a new guide from AdventureKeen about Michigan’s nature places. I am not going to spill too many details, but I think parents here in the Great Lake State will really appreciate what I am dishing up in this one.

Less sure but perhaps more interesting to history buffs is a book about an early expedition through the Great Lakes region. This one is still in the approval stage, but I am pushing ahead anyway with the idea that if the publisher balks, I might be able to find another. It’s also providing fodder for an exploration of the spirituality of creation.

Absolutely not in the works, publisher-wise, are a series of books about a girl named Edie and the complex relationship between human language and the land of Faerie. This is the one that keeps me up at night. The one that has me reciting the great mantra of writers everywhere: “Just write, already!”