Create a quality product that appeals to its intended audience. That’s my aim as a writer and editor. I’ve worn plenty of hats in publishing. I began in textbooks and then spent some time in sales. I’ve readied old books for revision, prepared new books for production, and helped authors outline and write their best work. I’ve written and tweaked marketing copy to make book browsers take a second look. I’ve even written a few books myself. Whatever the work, whether I am editing a manuscript for a publisher or writing web copy for a small business, creating for the audience is always the main task.


Over the past ten years I’ve had to learn how to do a lot of my own design work. It’s no hardship. I take great pleasure in working up posters, business cards, postcards, and newsletters. With WordPress and Dreamhost, I can put together an original website quite quickly. I am no graphic designer, and my Web design skills are limited, but I can create clean, professional materials for much cheaper than it would cost you to hire a trained pro. I’ve started posting some of my projects here to give you an idea of that kind of stuff I do.


As every marketing person will tell you these days, Facebook and Twitter require regular maintenance to cultivate a community, and blogs need fresh content. Promotion has become an essential skill for writers, and having handled my own PR for years, I now work with other small companies managing their online communities.